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At NX Property Group, we collaborate with the best professionals in the industry to ensure best delivery of our projects. Here are just some of them from our long list

Our Partners: Client

Quality Surveying Services

WT Partnership, award-winning international cost management consultants, quantity surveyors, sustainability consultants, asset and building consultants, PPP advisors and facilities managers.


Leading Town Planner

Mecone is a leading urban planning, policy and development advisory consultancy with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.  Consultants at Mecone have been involved in some of Australia’s largest and well-known projects in recent years across a variety of sectors.


Traffic Engineering Expert

The integrated team of experts at ratio: works across urban & regional planning, social & economic impacts, transport planning, traffic engineering and urban design.


Buiding Excellence

Valeo Construction is a professionally managed commercial and industrial building contractor. Valeo has been nominated and won a number of awards. Including the Belle House of the year 2015 and Best Residential Interior for the Hampton ‘Concrete House’ as well as several nominations for the MBAV Excellence in Construction awards.


Project Management Team 

Mushan Development Management and Project Management provide expert project management and advisory services for the development and delivery of a range of residential and mixed use projects.


Backing Business

Nab has been a great supporter and listener from the start of our journey. Only with their ongoing support that we can reach today and we are aiming higher.


Structual Engineering Consultants

Mordue Engineering Pty Ltd is a structural and civil engineering consultancy which specialises in building construction.


Marketing & Branding Expert

Taylor & Grace is a brand, marketing and communications agency founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, dedicated to helping business leverage their brand to engage, compete and grow.


Professional Guidance

Moray & Agnew Lawyers is a leadng national firm with a distinctive approach.

Better Business Banking

Bank of Melbourne has become our business partner. They will support us for building a better future.

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