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Imagine the Possibilities

NX Property Group is a real estate development company based in Melbourne.


Its parent company, NX Real Estate has been successfully managing property development projects in Canton Province, China for over 25 years. NX Real Estate rapidly developed a sterling reputation, winning multiple awards for their outstanding projects. Eager to tackle international markets, in 2014, NX Real Estate’s founders established NX Property Group in Melbourne.


Growing from the solid foundation that NX Real Estate has built, NX Property Group has seen our own success over the past few years. Our elite team of experts manages residential projects in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

We carefully monitor in every stage of the development process from acquisition and feasibility, to design, construction and eventual development. At NX Property Group, we invite innovative architects and designers to collaborate on our premium projects. We also work side-by-side with the industry's best consultants to make sure every project is planned perfectly. In addition, we are meticulous in choosing the most reliable construction companies with the best track records to work on our projects. We even stay involved with land actions and events that local councils hold, to make sure we are always up-to-date on every change and regulation. The outcome is projects that are perfectly executed throughout every part of the development process.

Our team values honesty and sincerity, and we truly take pride in our work. 

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